maybe we can do this… creating a peaceful world! ^_^

Human beings do desire to live in peace. This time is really different with 100 years ago. The world now is going to be safe and peaceful. But big number of people still afraid that what happened in the last decades will be repeated now. The reality is there’re a lot of controversial ideas between superpower countries in the world.

We believed that every people in this world had their own interest and when we ramming to each other, we’ll having clashes. That does absolutely what will happen. There are some cases in this world has show up nowadays.
1. Regional and Global Security. Actually some of people in this world not aware about this thing. What happen between Israel and Palestine, USA and Iraqi. Also the competition between the Superpower countries in nuclear weapons. They strive to be the only one that has a big authority from the wielding of weapons.
2. The protection of human rights. There’re a lot of cases that show you about the violence of human right..
3. Global ecology. One issues where every country talk now is about Global Warming. The deterioration of ecology and the environment threatens the existence of humankind.
4. Transnational crimes. Such crimes as terrorism, smuggling and drug trafficking have become internationalized.
5. We are living today in extreme poverty. There are a clear gap between rich and poor even in the develop country. Food crisis is one of the products. Shortages of food leave a huge number of dead people and become unsafe world. Starvation can transform humankind into wild animals and cause people to commit theft, robbery and killing.

Create construction of a new order of international politics and economies based on democracy, justice and equity. Where it should be diverse, democratic, tolerant, credible, accommodating and sustainable. I think that’s the best way to create a peaceful and harmonious world. That’s my Vision.
There’re a lot of thing that we can do to make peace and harmonious world such as:
1. Realize sustained peace, firmly reject wars of any kind, oppose terrorism, wipe out violent crime and eliminate conflicts among nations and regions through dialogue and cooperation.
2. Realize common prosperity and development in the world and its countries, narrow the gap between North and South, fight and eliminate poverty, improve human rights and welfare for everyone and make the achievements of human civilization available for all to enjoy.
3. Advance the democratization of international relations, while establishing democratic, just, and rational international political and economic orders through dialogue, deliberation, negotiation and cooperation. And it aims to ensure that every single nation can equally participate in international affairs.
4. Harmonize relations between humankind and the environment, economize resources, protect ecology, contain pollution and advance sustainable development globally. a sense of respecting, understanding, helping, non-discriminating each other irrespective of race, religion and living in one family also leads harmonious world.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by mutual understanding. Also, the world should follow the culture of helping each other in order to make a better world. As a youth, peace can be brought to the world by several means. We are well educated and capable of doing something useful for the society in various ways. For example, we can become a peaceful leader of our country and then we will have an opportunity to find peace for our nation as well as the world. As a peaceful leader, we are able to tackle the world’s issues such as nuclear, poverty and environmental problems. Also enter in our political party as a structural organization inside our country to make a change and strive to kept peace.
Moreover, we are able to teach our next generation how to become a good and peaceful person, tell them about the adverse effects of war, advantages of peace and how to work out the problems peacefully, how to be persistent and tolerant. Also teach the poor people how we strive to lead. Peace building starts from each individual. Respecting, understanding, helping and loving each other are a good deed to maintain peace. What is more, religion plays a key role in bringing peace to the world. Every religion is good for people and makes us feel calm and live peacefully. No religion encourages people to kill and be in conflict with each other. If we follow religion properly, we will be on the right track towards the peace. It is not difficult to seek and build peace because it is in the hand of people. When they become peaceful in themselves, they will become people who can live peacefully with others. All human beings in the world must think that they are in the same boat, having to promote the values of peace and prevent war from happening.


3 thoughts on “maybe we can do this… creating a peaceful world! ^_^

  1. muhammad qutb berkata:

    People in every part of the world are fed up with violence, increasingly people are looking for ways to create peace.

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